April 2, 2015 Garage Door Openers, Garage Doors Helpfull Tips, New Accessories

Why You Might Need a New Garage Door Opener

Opener Design

The best garage door openers are forward-looking, capable of integrating with home automation systems, and offer  keyless entry and multiple remotes.

Noise Level

The latest garage door opener models are practically silent, and very easy to install and use.

Safety Reversal

Your garage door opener does not have a reverse-opening capabilities (or no longer works). Most garage doors are heavy enough to cause serious injury, so safety reversal on garage door openers are very important.


New garage door openers have a “rolling code” feature, which changes the code every time the unit is used, so thieves can’t duplicate it. Your garage door not only secures vehicles and whatever stored in a garage, but also offers access to your home (in most layouts).  The best garage door opener has automatic lights and a strong locking mechanism. Also, newer keypad units eliminate the need to remember a code. They operate by touch, using fingerprint detection to open your garage door.

Battery Backup

During a power outage you can’t operate a garage door opener. Newer models are available with battery backup systems that will activate automatically when you lose electrical power.


The best garage door openers are backed by lifetime warranties on their motor (belt or chain). Having a warranty provides peace of mind that your opener will be taken care of in case it has a defect.

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