July 5, 2015 Garage Doors Helpfull Tips, New Garage Doors

Why is that important to have your garage door installed or/and serviced by a professional?

If you need to install or replace a garage door, always call a professional. Installing a garage door is a very involved and dangerous project. Improper execution of any of the steps involved in installation can lead to safety risks both during and after completion of the job. Only an experienced garage door and operator installer is aware of all of the intricacies involved in garage door installation, such as: how to safely and properly released the tension on the torsion spring, how to safely disconnect and remove the existing opener from the garage door, how to remove the old door panels, tracks and frame, how to reinforce the bar on the top door panel in order to prevent bending, warping, or bowing, how to safely install the torsion rod and pulleys, how to install the new door track, attach a spring assembly, and properly bolt the tracks in order to ensure that the door is secure, and many more. The last thing you want is to damage your property or inflict injury on yourself or another person.

If you want your garage door to be installed correctly, functioning safely and smoothly, and want it to be installed right the first time, call us. We have many years of experience installing and maintaining garage doors and openers, carry the proper insurance, and comply with all codes and regulations.

Give us a call today, we will be happy to answer any questions you have.