January 3, 2016 Garage Doors Helpfull Tips

Want a Greener Garage?

There are many opportunities for practicing green habits in your garage:

  1. Consider changing light bulbs or fixtures with energy-efficient LED lighting. They do not use up as much energy as traditional light bulbs, and provide you with the right amount of light for your garage needs and safety.
  2. Consider installing solar panels to make your garage self-heating.
  3. Insulate your garage door, preventing energy from leaving the home and keeping your energy costs down. Insulate garage walls, doors, ceiling and windows (if you have them).
  4. Insulate pipes, water heaters and duckwork.
  5. Create a greener garage by installing exhaust or ventilation fans. With an exhaust fan in your garage, you can remove dangerous fumes, save money on cooling costs, prevent condensation (protecting the materials stored in your garage), and improve the ventilation of your garage.
  6. Close the vent in your garage, sending more heat to other parts of your home, reducing wasted energy.
  7. Consider an eco-frendly paint and finish application process to your garage door.
  8. Conserve water by collecting water after washing your car, or direct it towards areas that need water. You can collect rainwater from your roof to wash your vehicle(s) or your garage.
  9. Make sure that any chemicals (like petroleum based products, paint, chemicals solvents, pesticides, auto fluids, etc.) are stored in your garage safely and they don’t filter into the ground or air.

These changes can make your garage save energy and improve your home’s environmental profile.