November 24, 2015 Garage Doors Helpfull Tips, Safer Garage

Useful Tips to Save Energy in Your Garage from Garaga

Just as it is important to insulate the house, it is also important to insulate the garage.

This is especially true if the house is connecting to the garage or you spend most of your time in the area. Without proper insulation, you are wasting energy, and inviting some of the weather’s harsh elements indoors.

1. Old garage doors allow cold drafts, dropping temperatures in the garage drastically. It also causes your home to lose heat. One of the best ways to fix this issue is by installing a new garage door that provides insulation, or purchasing a garage door insulation kit to help you insulate it properly.

2. Insulating windows inside the garage with insulating window kits.

3. Tossing down garage mats can help keep the cold air from coming up from the floors.

4. Provide insulation within the walls of the garage to help keep the heat indoors.

5. If the entrance door into the garage is not insulated, it is time to swap it out for one that is, or it is time to get a garage door insulation entry way kit to help seal it up properly.

6. Fill any cracks within the concrete floors and walls with caulking.

7. If there are not any interior walls in your garage, it is time to put some up.

8. If there is a second floor to the garage, make sure this area is insulated properly with denim insulation, or a fiberglass kind to prevent heat from escaping through the roof.

9. Always make sure the roof has no cracks or leaks.

10. Replace the old damaged roof with a new one to keep heat inside and reduce energy costs.

11. Wrap any exposed pipes in the garage leading into the house with insulating pipe covers.

12. Insulate any hot water tanks in the garage with proper insulation covers.

13. Fix or replace weather-stripping seals around garage doors and windows.

14. Installing a unit heater into the garage can keep it at a comfortable temperature and prevent the need to leave the house door open to heat it up.

15. Fix and fill any cracks along the foundation of the garage with concrete filler or caulking.

16. Insulate any electricity outlets that have a breeze flowing through them.

17. Make sure the garage siding outdoors isn’t damaged, allowing harsh weather elements indoors.

18. Seal up any skylights in the garage with caulking, or use a window kit to help keep the cold air out.

19. Place insulated door stops near the bottom of your garage doors to reduce drafts.

20. Replace damaged sheetrock or old sheetrock with new half inch thick drywall to provide extra insulation.

21. Shut all storm windows in the garage properly.

22. Keep the garage organized so heat can flow freely and easily.