December 13, 2015 Garage Doors Helpfull Tips

Tips for Upcoming Cold Winter: How to Open a Frozen Garage Door

A garage door can become stuck when water accumulates under the seal at the bottom of your garage door or between sections and freezes. If your  garage door doesn’t open the first time you press the button, don’t keep pressing it. Attempting to use the automatic opener when the door is frozen can burn out the motor or strip the gears of the operator. Sometimes, all it needs is an adjustment to the pressure controls of your garage door opener. If this doesn’t work, inspect the entire system for any signs of obstructions/broken parts (check your garage door if it’s locked). Then, disconnect your garage door from the operator (pull the manual release cord, usually red) and try to open/close garage door by hand to free up any sections/weather seals that may be frozen. If you are still unable to close/open your garage door, check the interior and exterior for ice build up, especially at the bottom. Don’t try to kick the door or use too much physical force to try and open it; you could hurt yourself and damage your garage door. The next step to un-stick a frozen garage door is to use a portable heater. Place a portable heater inside your garage by the door, and this will slowly melt the ice. If you are in a hurry, chipping the ice away under the door with an ice scraper may work faster than getting a heater and waiting for the ice to melt. Although it might seem like a good idea to use boiling water to melt the ice, this is not suggested as it is only going to freeze again.

If you are still not able to open the garage door and suspect something is broken, give us a call: we will be on our way to help you ASAP!

How do you prevent this problem in the future? Keep snow cleared out in front of your garage door, as snow left in front of the door will melt during the day and freeze overnight when the temperature drops. Pull your car out of your garage in snowy/icy weather to prevent the heat from your car from melting the snow or ice around the garage door.