February 1, 2016 Safer Garage

Secure Your Garage Before You Go on Vacation

Securing your garage properly gives you peace-of-mind while you’re away for long periods of time. There’s no reason you should be worried about your home and property while off enjoying some rest and relaxation. Take the necessary precautions before you leave to ensure a restful vacation:

  1. Secure your garage door by disabling the electric opener, or install a padlock on the overhead door latch. You can also put a bolt through a hole in the track of the door, making entry impossible.
  2. Install motion lights on the exterior of your garage so anyone approaching the building will not have the privacy of the darkness. It’s also a good idea to put the garage light on a timer so that it comes on and turns off on a regular basis to provide the illusion that you are home.
  3. Make your garage windows less penetrable by installing metal bars inside the window. Additionally, stop prying eyes by covering windows with blinds, shades or window film.
  4. Get a trusted friend or neighbor to keep your home looking as though it is lived in. Perhaps a neighbor wouldn’t mind parking in your driveway. Enlist someone to keep outdoor walks shoveled if necessary, or keep the grass trimmed and flowers watered.
  5. A security camera mounted near garage entrances allows you to see what’s happening while you’re away. In the event of a break-in, you’ll be able to see what happened.
  6. Security apps for smartphones allow you to be notified in real time if a security breach is made. You can then immediately notify the police to check it out, even though you’re miles away.

Also, if you’re concerned about the security of your garage door, it might be time to invest in a durable steel model to reduce the risk of break-ins.

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