October 11, 2015 Garage Door Maintenance, Garage Doors Helpfull Tips, Safer Garage

Savvy Garage Improvements

Here are some popular garage door improvements to consider:

1. If you are choosing a New Garage Door, choose the one that functions better, offers more security, and is better insulated.

2. Clean the inside and outside of your garage door with a soft sponge or cloth. Dilute 1 cup of detergent in 5 gallons of warm water.

3. Paint. Before painting a garage door you should remove any existing loose paint (with a wire brush, chemical stripper or a sanding sponge) and get rid of any rust. Please don’t forget to ware safety goggles and a dust mask and maintain good ventilation. After that, prime your garage door and then paint with a wide paintbrush, paint roller or paint sprayer.

4. Floor Maintenance. If the floor is stained or cracked, it needs to be painted or re-tiled.

5. Insulating Walls are important to those who do a lot of work in their garage, especially in hot/cold climates.

6. Manyny items in your garage are sensitive to heat and cold, Storage Options needs to be considered.

7. Repairing Windows and Doors and Adding Locks to each opening is absolutely necessary. You don’t want the unnecessary stress of wondering whether or not your garage will be broken into.

8. Making sure the structure has Adequate Lighting and Easy-to-Reach Electrical Outlets.

These are just a few things to keep in mind, but the hard work will certainly pay off.