July 11, 2015 Garage Doors Helpfull Tips, Safer Garage

Safety tips to keep unwanted visitors out of your open garage door

Here some safety tips to keep unwanted visitors out of your open garage door and eventually from your home and away from your family’s belongings.


Any garage door can be equipped with an open garage door monitor that can be attached to your door system. When your garage door is left open, a warning light will remind you that your garage door is open.


Leaving your garage door remote control opener in your car is the same as leaving your house keys on your driver’s seat. Thieves can break into vehicles and use your garage door remote control to get into your home. How? Address can be obtained from your car’s registration or insurance documents.

Keyring remote control with secure “rolling code” (changes with every button press), hooked into your key chain can be with you at all times.


Most popular garage door accessory today. You can open your garage door with a quick swipe of your fingerprint (can be programmed for multiple fingerprints) or by entering a code. Keypad entry system mounted outside your garage door and provide an easy access any time you need it.


By tapping into the power of your Internet Gateway, you can monitor and control your home’s or business’s garage door, gate or lighting from your smartphone, tablet or computer ANYWHERE, ANYTIME. Did you ever get to work and realize you forgot to close the garage door? Have you ever been on vacation and need to let someone in? Now you can close your garage door or let someone in from where ever you happen to be. You can convert most of operators built after 1998 to use MyQ® technology.

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