February 22, 2016 by Garage Door Openers, Garage Doors Helpfull Tips, Safer Garage

Lock Button on Garage Door Opener

Some people are not aware that secure garage door openers may have a lock button (also known as vacation lock button) on the interior wall unit. When the button is activated, all remotes are rendered useless. There may be an interior slide lock on the garage door for added security. The lock button can unexpectedly engage, so it’s best to check the lock button once in a while in order to save you from having to pay for a service call because you can’t open your garage door via the remote or wireless keypads.

To check this feature on most garage door openers, look at the wall button and verify if the green light is flashing. If it’s flashing, press the “lock” button and the light will go solid green and the remote and wireless keypad should work. Some versions have a lock button underneath the push button. In this case you need to lift the cover and then push the lock button. On newer versions of garage door openers, you may have an LCD screen indicating that the opener is locked, so simply follow the menu prompts to unlock it.

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