May 23, 2015 Garage Doors Helpfull Tips

Garage Organization Ideas and Tips

Here are garage organization ideas that will make your visit to your garage more pleasant.

1. Move car(s) out of the garage. Remove everything else from the garage and stack it up where it will be safe.
2. Make a decision on what you want to throw away or store somewhere else. You should check the rules regarding chemical disposal (outdated paint or cleaning products) in your local municipality.
3. Clean the garage floor and paint the walls (if needed). Remove oil/grease stains with grease-absorbent or kitty litter.
4. Put the cars back in so you will see the remaining space you can use for storing.
5. Decide what should be grouped together (automotive products, children’s toys, seasonal equipment, etc.). Decide what items you’ll use often (garbage bags, cleaning supplies, etc.) and keep them close to the entrance of the house.
6. Remove your car(s) and put in whatever meets your needs: storage shelving, kitchen-style cabinets, a work bench, or overhead/wall storage (a great way to instantly gain valuable space, especially in small garages). Keep snow tires, kayaks, and bikes off the floor. You can also invest in wall-bolted cabinets or wire basket storage. Ladders, shovels, rakes, and other garden tools should be on a wall rack off the floor.

Some ideas:
Overhead Ceiling Storage Racks
Sliding storage system
A Tower Rack
Magnetic Tool Bar
Screw Organizing
Recycle Bin Hangers
Cable Lifted Storage Rack
Transparent stackable bins

Designate a safe space for hazardous materials (fertilizers, pesticides, paint, etc) , away from the reach of small children or pets . Sharp gardening tools and chain saws should be stored in locked boxes.

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