November 1, 2015 Garage Door Maintenance, Garage Doors Helpfull Tips

Garage Door Checklist for Winter Weather

According to Garaga Garage Doors, it’s very important to inspect your garage door before you find yourself faced with an unpleasant surprise. The whole process will only take about 30 minutes.

  1. Check the battery in your remote & external keypad. Always keep a spare one on hand.
  2.  Disable your garage door opener by pulling the emergency cord and open the garage door gently using one hand. If it’s hard to open, there are several possible causes. Don’t try to fix it yourself, call a professional.
  3.  Check all your weather-strippings for signs of damage or wear, or install them if you don’t have any.
  4.  s and springs.
  5.  Check your garage door’s automatic reversal system (mechanical or photoelectric) to see if it performs properly.