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Garaga garage door maintenance tips

Garaga garage door maintenance tipsThe door maintenance
Washing your garage door: Rinse the surface with water to remove all residues. Then apply Car Liquid Wash’n Wax (once a year) with a car wash mitt, and then rinse (avoid abrasive cleaners, or strong liquid soaps). Wax accumulations, if happened, can be removed with a cloth (avoid accumulations around window frames and overlays).
The weatherstrippings are made of quality P.V.C. and therefore should be cleaned with an all-purpose vinyl cleanser (just like your patio furniture), and should be lubricated every three months with Garaga weatherstrip lubricant or a silicon-based oil (not with a petroleum-based oils to avoid loss of elasticity.
Track, hinges, rollers, springs
Lubricate the tracks, hinges, rollers and springs with Garaga metal lubricant or a small amount of motor oil. For the tracks, apply Garaga metal lubricant primarily in the curve of the tracks, resulting in a quieter operation of your door.
Automatic garage door opener
Read the instructions provided by the manufacturer, as special lubricants may be recommended for sertain garage door openers).
The spring assembly, the hardware attached to it and the cables are under extreme tension. Never attempt to loosen them unless all tension is first removed from springs.

Every three months disconnect the opener (pull the cord) and open the door by hand several times. If you have difficulty opening the door, your opener will have the same difficulty. This could be caused by: warped track, a disengaged cable, or a problem with the spring. It is also possible to adjust the door yourself if the door does not close properly. Consult the operation guide provided by the manufacturer of the opener (many openers have simple adjustment buttons).

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