June 18, 2015 Garage Door Maintenance, Garage Doors Helpfull Tips, Warnings About Garage Doors

Badly Balanced Garage Door Can Harm Your Garage Door Opener

The newest garage door openers are durable and should last for years. They are not designed to lift the full weight of a garage door; they are designed to move a well-balanced garage door. If your garage door is poorly balanced, your opener may fail prematurely or damage the opener’s gears, limit switches or burn out the motor. You can easily check whether your door is properly balanced by first disconnecting the garage door opener from your garage door (by pulling on the red cord attached to the trolley) and then lifting it. It should be very easy to lift, regardless of garage door size size or the material it’s made of. Also, if your garage door is balanced, it will remain in the same position you leave it in. If both tests fail – the springs need to be adjusted; they don’t counter the weight of your garage door properly. To avoid serious injury, do not try to correct spring tension by yourself, let a professional technician safely fix the problem.
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